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Hellobird D & C
Schneider Fonma


Big Doorbell Push

                      Item Code                           Type
                          23208               Big Doorbell Push


Small Doorbell Push

                        Item Code                           Type
                          23206                Small Doorbell Push
 Small Doorbell Push
                      Item Code                            Type
                         23201              001 Small Doorbell Push

Allight AG-K319 Guest Doorbell (2Ax3)

                       Item Code                            Type
                         AGK319     Allight AG-K319 Guest Doorbell


Expert E-2107 Doorbell

Item Code Model Reaction Distance Bell
E2107 E-2107 30 M Ding-Dong  / Wei Si Min
Electric Standard


Doorbell 23A x 1 (Include)
button 2A x 2

   Button x 1Doorbell x 1


Expert Elder 2 In 1 Guest Doorbell + Guard Accessories

Item Code Model Reaction Distance Bell
EA3101  EA-3101 6 M "Pu Tong Hua "
Human Voice / 
Ding-Dong Alarm
Electric Standard
Doorbell  2A x2  (Not Include)

M/D Doorbell

                     Item Code                             Type
                         2305            Ding-Dong Doorbell 2Ax2
                         2304        Music Doorbell 2Ax2 ( 12 music )

MC06-1 Door and Windows Alarm

                     Item Code                              Type
                       MC061       MC06-1 Door and Windows Alarm 
               ( Include LR44 X 3 )


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