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FYM Socket Outlet

            Item Code                  Type            Package
               2847            FYM BS 5A
      Circle Horn Socket
          Outlet (2855)
       10 pcs / 1box
               2848           FYM BS 13A
     Circle Horn Socket
          Outlet (2813)
       10 pcs / 1box
              2849          FYM BS 15A
      Circle Horn Socket
          Outlet (2815)
       10 pcs / 1box
               2856            FYM BS 5A
   [Switched Socket
   Outlet]      (N2855-S)
       10 pcs / 1box
              2857            FYM BS 13A
  [Switched Socket
  Outlet]        (2813-S)
       10 pcs / 1box
              2858            FYM BS 15A
  [Switched Socket
  Outlet]        (2815-S)
       10 pcs / 1box
              2866           FYM BS 5A
   [Switch Socket
   Outlet with Neon]
       10 pcs / 1box
              2867          FYM BS 13A
    [Switch Socket
    Outlet with Neon]           (2813SL)
       10 pcs / 1box


FYM Twin Socket Outlet
                  Item Code                                    Type
                      2850                  FYM BS 13A
    [Twin Socket Outlet] (2823)
                    TDS13    FYM BS 13A [Twin Switched
           Socket Outet]  (2823-S)
                      2869                  FYM BS 13A
          [Twin Switch Socket
    Outlet with Neon] (2823-SL)

FYM Cooker

                   Item Code                        Type
                       2839    FYM 20A Cooker (Left Right)
                       2840     FYM 20A Cooker (Up Down)

FYM Wiring Socket outlet

                    Item Code                        Type
                      2874                FYM 13A Fuse
        Connection Unit  (2863)
                     T13FL    FYM 13A Fuse Connection Unit  With Double Pole Switch (2863-S)
                     T13FSL       FYM 13A Fuse Connection
    Unit With Double Pole Switch
           and Neon (2863-SL)
                     TF2825       FYM 25A Fuse Connection
      Unit (Front Output)  (2825)
                     TF2825B       FYM 25A Fuse Connection
     Unit (Botton Output) (2825B)
                     TF45A       FYM 45A Fuse Connection
     Unit (Base Out Wire)  (2840)
FYM Switch
                    Item Code                         Type
                       2851            FYM  1 Gang  Switch
                       2852            FYM  2 Gang  Switch
                       2853            FYM  3 Gang  Switch
                       2854            FYM  4 Gang  Switch
                       2855            FYM  5 Gang  Switch
                      TD001       FYM 1 Gang 2 Way Switch
                       2859             FYM Bell Switch                
                       T001            FYM 1 Gang Flush Plate  
                       T002           FYM 2 Gang Flush Plate    
                       T003         FYM 3 Gang Flush Plate
                       T004         FYM 4 Gang Flush Plate  

FYM  Dimmer Control Unit

                   Item Code                          Type
                       2870  FYM  500W Dimmer Control Unit
FYM TV / Telephone Socket Outlet
                    Item Code                           Type
                      TTVFM                   FYM TV+FM
           Socket Outlet (2807B)
                        TTV                 FYM 1 Gang TV
           Socket Outlet (2807A)
                       TTEL                  FYM 1 Gang UK
        Tel Socket Outlet  (2818)
FYM Switch Cover (Shallow) (2878)
                    Item Code                           Type
                       T2878               FYM Switch Cover
               (shallow) (2878)


FYM Switch Cover (Deep) (2879)
                     Item Code                            Type
                        T2879                FYM Switch Cover
                    (Deep) (2879)


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